Sex and Love

image Your December Sex Horoscope Is Here To Make You V, V Horny

Good thing you're likely to meet someone, too!

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Hand touching peas in a pod If You Get Yourself Off Within A Minute, You're Doing It Wrong

It's time to ~experiment~ with new things.

image The Face-Off Sex Position Is Like An Instant Nipple Massage

More explosive orgasms, right this way.

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image Your November Sex Horoscope Is Here To Help You Put Yourself Out There

Ask for what you want and you shall receive.

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toy shopping trolley with pink  and yellow background Apparently, Buying A Vibrator Isn't As Simple As 'Adding To Cart'

These experts had THOUGHTS about shelling out for vibrators.

fetishes If You've Never Filmed A Sex Tape, Tonight Is The Night

Plus 25 other sex fantasies to try ASAP.

couple holding hands How To Deal When You Don't Want To *Do It* As Much As Your S.O.

It’s something that you can work on—and through—together.

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